Piano: Astor

ASTOR London, England, About 1830
ASTOR Same as Kohler and Campbell and Bacon Piano Co., New York, Established in 1789.
ASTOR & CO. 79 Cornhill, London, England
ASTOR, GEORGE was the brother of John Jacob Astor who made pianos in London but did not come to America as his brother did.
ASTOR & HORWOOD previously known (1815) as George Astor 79 Cornhill, London.
ASTOR JOHN JACOB - Exported pianos from Europe to America about 1789.
ASTOR PIANO CO. 601 West 50th Street, New York, about 1828
ASTOR WM. HENRY London, around 1810
The Astor Name is now used on some pianos made by Young Chang.

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