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BALDWIN D. H. Est 1862. Dwight Hamilton Baldwin made pianos in the name of Baldwin and Hamilton between 1889 and 1913. He died in 1900 and Wulsin took control in 1903. Name became Baldwin Piano and Organ Co (See below)
BALDWIN PIANO & ORGAN CO. Were established in 1862. Current address is 422 Wards Corner Road, Loveland, Ohio.
This company made pianos with the names of Baldwin, Hamilton, Howard, Ellington, Valley Gem, St. Regis, Schroeder, Franke, Acrosoinc, Kremlin, Modello, Monarch, Sargent, Winton, Chickering and Wurlitzer. The first Baldwin grand was made in about 1895. They stopped making large uprights in about 1920. The Bechstein Piano co. was controlled by Baldwin between 1963 and 1989. Baldwin purchased Wurlitzer and Chickering in 1995.

In 1862, reed organ and violin teacher Dwight Hamilton Baldwin opened the doors to his music store in Cincinnati, Ohio. During the next quarter century, Baldwin became one of the largest piano retailers in the Midwestern United States.

With an eye on increased growth opportunities, Baldwin decided to manufacture "the best piano that could be built" in 1890. The first Baldwin piano, an upright model, was available one year later. In 1895, the company introduced its first grand piano, a 5'4" model.

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